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Network engineer's employment choice

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Now the network industry can provide high-paying industry-oriented operation and maintenance of manufacturers and big parties, such as finance, such as large manufacturing, and then Internet company cloud computing company.


No matter what career you choose, it’s good for you. Software engineers or network engineers, if not their own interests, are very painful to do. Work without interest and passion will not do well.


The current demand for software engineers is definitely larger than that of network engineers. According to the statistical law, the code of 100 lines has an average of one bug. In order to find these bugs, it takes more time to test. The general test can only find 80. -90% of bugs, leaving 10% of undiscovered bugs left in the product, and when customers have large concurrent requests and large traffic, they can find 5% of the bugs in the product. The more difficult it is to find bugs later, the harder it is to solve. Software engineers need to constantly fix bugs, which also causes the demand for software engineers to be large.


Network engineer, primary inspection, intermediate configuration, testing, troubleshooting, advanced network design, advanced troubleshooting. This time reflects your value. Most software engineers are only proficient in their own, and the understanding of the network is not so deep. It still needs network engineers to take the network platform to reproduce the bugs on the customer site. In fact, no one must be stronger than anyone else but the division of labor is different.


I have been a software engineer for many years, but I am not interested, because the development is only dedicated to a small piece of the network, and I don't know the overall architecture of the network. There is a feeling of being in this mountain and the cloud is not known. In fact, there are two years of development work that I forced myself to do. I remember that the big characters in the network have generally developed. Cisco principal engineer, distinguish engineer is a software engineer, so the development of network protocols is good for knowing. More details, deeper levels. Don't be arrogant, don't be blindly arrogant, the characters of the big cow are generally low-key, and the more arrogant, the more you can show your own shallowness.

I have helped software engineers to troubleshoot, MVPN, DMVPN, FLexVPN, without a thorough understanding, how to start? What are these stuffs? How many software engineers know? It is not through the accumulation of network knowledge, how can we understand it thoroughly? No one in this world is better than anyone else. You can make up your mind and work hard to stand out.

Don't be confused, obey your inner choices, do it if you are interested in it, don't force yourself. Software engineers and network engineers are very promising.


Let's talk about network engineer CCIE. Some people say that network engineers are looking at the manuals. I want to say that the level of people you know is too low. CCIE is not configured with ip and static routes. It is called CCIE, so it is cheap to go to the computer city. Saving things, the computer city shops have already killed the integrators. CCIE should deal with the rationality of the architecture, how routing jitter can quickly converge within the entire network, and how bandwidth can be properly utilized and optimized. This is what a real CCIE should do. The real technology god should be humble. The technology is interoperable. The code farmers have been doing the four functions of adding, deleting, and checking for so many years. If you are a Software architecture direction, you are not a code farmer. I believe that it is not so easy to do this level.


Let's talk about the future. The standard of SDN is still the traditional old company of cisco and IBM. Software engineers can slowly extend the network, which means that network engineers can also encroach on the field of software engineers. If you don't keep up with the rhythm of knowledge update, I believe that any industry can't do well. If you have the ideal to pursue, or go to the first-tier cities to work, on the one hand, there are many opportunities, on the one hand, there are many cowboy, all kinds of crushed, fierce competition and pressure, pushing you forward. . . Network engineers have more time to master new knowledge than software engineers. This is the advantage, and network engineers are expected to cheer.

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How long to pass CCIE Security Lab exam

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Passing the CCIE Security Lab exam is just another milestone to be achieved for any CCIE prospect in order to become a CCIE Security certified professional. The CCIE Security certifications validate that the individual possesses all the skills required to design and secure any network. There are still many non-Cisco vendors joining the network industry every day making the market more competitive. However, the demand for CCIE certifications are growing day by day and the CCIE certified professionals have a cent per cent job guarantee.


CCIE exam is a competitive expert level certification where the individuals have to prove the following skills in order to become certified. They should be able to verify and resolve the network security issues in a timely manner. They should be able to troubleshoot any issue arising in Cisco technology/products. They should have good hands on identifying the root causes without accessing the devices. Last but not the least they should develop skills on understanding the traffic flaws and learning how to bridge them.


In order to become eligible with troubleshooting and securing any prescribe Cisco network, the candidates have to undergo extensive learning. They should possess good hands on their skills and this involves a lot of practice. The CCIE individuals who are planning to prepare and pass the CCIE Security lab exam should keep in mind that they will surely need nine to fifteen months of extensive practice for passing CCIE security lab exam. This means that the CCIE Security lab exam is really very tough and it cannot be passed if you are not fully prepared.


Many individuals appear in CCIE Security lab exam and end up failing it because they have set expectations for themselves however the Cisco does require you to be very realistic. The passing candidates will tell you that the only secret of passing CCIE lab exam is your hands-on practice. Cisco itself states that the candidates passing ratio in the first attempt is very low. So do not burn up your money taking the exam without proper preparation.


The preparation can be done by getting access to all the relevant learning material. This material can be accessed through the Cisco official website which is a good resource for providing self-study learning stuff as well as content generated by their community experts. The individuals should also make notes of all the important data and make their habit of reviewing them. Some CCIE lab exam prospects also keep on purchasing practice exam data from reliable vendors and try to solve them in order to get some good hands-on practice.


Proper project management is required to the individuals in order to pass the CCIE Security Lab exam. Either it is your first attempt or another but make sure that you can change your future if you pass this exam.  So, stick to your basic objectives until the end. Don't set expectations for yourself. Make habits of practising and learning everything in your domain related to the exam. Determine what suits you the best in terms of preparation.  Do not go for too many options, consider options to plan your tasks weekly or bi-weekly terms. Make determination by focusing your routine tasks. Take time for your preparations and it will be good if you plan for at least nine to fifteen months of preparation before appearing in the Lab exam.


Once you have prepared for this Lab exam, and you feel that now is the right time to test your skills by getting enrolled in the CCIE Security Lab exam. Even then better to take one more month time to schedule for your exam. Don't forget that this becoming a CCIE Security certified professional means that you really own something which the others don't have.

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CCNA Routing and Switching certification guide PDF

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As the Enterprises migrate towards the controller based architectures, skills and the role required of a core network engineer are evolving and that too more vital than ever. In order to prepare for this network transition, the CCNA Routing and Switching certification will not only going to prepare you with the knowledge of foundational technologies, but it will also be ensuring you to stay relevant with skill sets needed for the adoption of next-generation technologies.



There are no Prerequisites required for appearing for this examination.



The best way so as to prepare for this certification is to take the Cisco-approved training:


ICND1 or Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1

This course will provide the candidates the foundational knowledge of network layers 1 to 3 that are applicable to core routing and switching and also would be introduced to the advanced technologies. Topics include the network and interactions functions of firewalls, access points, and wireless controllers, along with an additional focus on basic network security and IPv6.


ICND2 or Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2

This course is going to provide the skills and knowledge needed to install, operate, configure, and troubleshoot a small enterprise network. Key topics that are to be included are QoS elements, cloud services, and virtualized, along with controller tools and types that are available to support software-defined architectures of the network.


CCNAX or Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated

This is a composite course that is to be derived from the merged content of ICND1 and ICND2 into a single five-day training course


CCNA R&S Exam:

So as to earn this Cisco certification, you have to pass the following exam(s):


CCNA Composite Exam:

200-125 CCNA

This exam tests a candidate's skills and knowledge related to network fundamentals, LAN switching technologies, IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies, WAN technologies, infrastructure services, infrastructure security, and infrastructure management.


Option 2: ICND1 and ICND2


100-105 or ICND1

This exam is going to tests the candidate's skills and knowledge related to network fundamentals, routing technologies, LAN switching technologies, infrastructure services, and infrastructure maintenance.


200-105 ICND2

This exam is going to tests the candidate's skills and knowledge related to LAN switching technologies, WAN technologies, IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies, infrastructure maintenance, and infrastructure services.


CCNA R&S Cert Guide Features:


This Guide goes beyond what you would find in a simple technological guide. This will give you a study system designed so as to help you not only to learn the facts but also to develop the skills that would be needed to pass the exams. To do that, in the technology chapters of the book, there are about three-quarters of the chapter which are totally about the technology, and about one-quarter is for the other related study features. The Foundation Topics section of each chapter will contain rich content so as to explain the topics on the exam and to show as many examples as possible.


This section will make extensive use of figures, with the lists and tables for comparisons. It would also highlight the most important topics in each chapter as key topics, so you would have the knowledge about what to master first in your study. Most of the book’s features would tie you in some way to need to study beyond simply reading the Foundation Topics section of each chapter. The rest of this section will provide you the works through these book features and because the book organizes your study chapter-wise, and then by part-wise which will have a part containing multiple chapters, and then a final review at the end of the book, will discuss the book features introduced by chapter, part, and for final review.


So, you could gain this guide through many platforms available online, whereas If you need further help regarding the CCNA Routing and Switching Certification, the SPOTO CCIE Club, would be the best for it.

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What is CCNP Routing and Switching?

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CCNP Routing and Switching certification is the professional level qualification which validates that the certified professional has the required ability to plan, implement and troubleshoot local and wide area networks. This also verifies that these certified professionals can work collaboratively with the experts on advanced projects. Having a valid CCNA Routing and Switching or CCIE certification can act as prerequisites while applying for CCNP Routing and Switching.


This certification is also an appropriate option for those who are working in the networking industry for a minimum of one year. They can enhance their skills by taking this certification which allows them to work independently on complex projects. Just like CCNA Routing and Switching, the knowledge earned by taking CCNP Routing and Switching serve as the foundation to all the other Cisco tracks. Those who have successfully passed this certification are entitled to the following job titles;


·         Network Engineer


·         Support Engineer


·         Systems Engineer


·         Network Technician


All the Cisco Routing and Switching tracks are considered to be evergreen certifications because they serve as the foundation for every track and individuals planning to take in-depth knowledge of networking industry are encouraged to take Routing and Switching certifications. This course is still high in demand, and the professionals can boost their salaries by taking it.


Cisco is a leading pioneer in providing Routing and Switching solutions and according to the market consensus, they still hold more than 50% of the market shares in the network industry. Although there are many IT certifications available in the market Cisco certifications are still booming. These certifications allow individuals to boost their skills and showcase them because they are recognized throughout the globe. Worldwide acceptance and recognition are also one of the main reasons why individuals prefer Cisco certifications over other IT courses.


The CCNP Routing and Switching exam consist of three modules, meaning that the individuals have to pass three exams costing them 300$ each in order to get CCNP Routing and Switching certified. Unlike other CCNP tracks, this Routing and Switching track is easier as compared to the other ones. It comes up with three modules, however, CCNP Collaboration, wireless, etc have four modules. So the preparation and passing CCNP Router and Switching is easy as compared to the other CCNP tracks.


These CCNP Routing and Switching exams are:


·         300 - 101 Route (Implementing Cisco IP Routing)


In this exam, the students have to prove their skills in planning, configuring and verifying the implementation of secure LAN and WAN routing solutions using Cisco products like routers. This exam validates the routing knowledge of the passing candidates. The exam duration is two hours and the total questions range from 50 - 60.


·         300 - 115 Switch (Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks)


This segment allows the students to learn about planning, configuring and verifying the implementation of switching solutions. This exam covers Layer2 technologies and the students also learn secure integration of VLANs and WLANs. The exam duration is two hours and the individuals are judged through 45 - 55 questions.


·         300 - 135 TSHOOT (Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks)


This allows the students to learn how to troubleshoot even the complex routing and switching protocols. They have to study network principles and technologies like Layer2, Layer3, and VPN. The individuals also learn about how to secure and troubleshoot any given infrastructure either by using a local database or through device access control. The exam duration is two hours and the individuals have to answer 15 - 25 questions.


Like all CCNP tracks, this CCNP Routing and Switching certification is valid for a period of three years and is subject to recertification before the expiry date.

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What is the content of the network engineer exam?

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Network engineer, the exam is a hot topic of software professional exams. How to pass the exam is what the majority of candidates want to know. The following is the battle for the network engineer to prepare for the exam. The network engineer exams are easy to confuse knowledge points. You prepare for the test.Learning this content do favor to your career whether you pass your CCIE  Certification.

Subjects include:

1. Computer and network knowledge, the test time is 150 minutes, written test;

2. Network system design and management, the test time is 150 minutes, written test.


The morning exam is an objective question (75 single-choice questions). Its main feature is that it has a wide range of knowledge and meticulous internal space. However, it is usually not too difficult. Therefore, as long as the review is strengthened in a targeted manner, the probability of passing is very large. . The following is an analysis of the distribution of test knowledge points, the distribution of test questions over the years, examinations and review points, in order to help students grasp the context and trends of the test from a macro level, and formulate a review plan according to their actual situation.


1. Exam order and progress


Go for the easy first and difficult for the last and make sure you can do them right.

Training intuition, believing in the first judgment, sometimes thinking too much, but it is easy to make mistakes.

Don't spend more than a minute on a question.

If you don't or are not sure, make a mark and jump over. Maybe you can see the answer from the questions that follow.

The total time of the answer is controlled within two hours, with appropriate rest adjustments.

Leave at least half an hour to answer the answer sheet.


2. Learn how to understand questions


Look at the options first, then look at the questions, find information about the options, and eliminate the interference information. (varies by person)

Look at the beginning and end of the problem, the beginning will tell you important information, and the end will explain what you want to test.

Pay attention to the last sentence "except"


3. How to make decisions


Don't spend too much time on completely unfamiliar options.

If you can analyze the stage or knowledge area of the question, first exclude the irrelevant options.

When you are doing the problem, first explain the content and the content of the textbook based on the teacher, and finally combine your thinking to answer.

The answer to the question refers to the relative correctness of the option, not the absolute correctness. Do not add conditions to the topic.


4. Answer method and skill


The exams for all modules in the morning are all multiple-choice questions. These questions require candidates to choose a correct answer from the four alternative answers. For such questions, direct-push and screening methods are often used.


Reasoning: first analyze the difference and connection between the four answers given, directly introduce the correct answer according to the content, and then choose the most appropriate answer from the four answers.


Screening: analyze and contrast each of the four answers given, de-authenticity, step-by-step screening and elimination, and finally establish a correct answer.


Of course, there are certain ways to have certain strength, so that you can stand in an invincible position in the multiple choice questions. The multiple-choice test knowledge is broad and detailed, and candidates need to have a certain conceptual resolution. This requires candidates to analyze, compare and summarize in the usual review. There are a large number of multiple-choice questions in the exam, and the scores are scattered. Candidates should have a global concept to ensure that most of the questions are scored. If you encounter a problem that cannot be met, you can skip it for a while, and you will have more questions. The knowledge outline is open. The knowledge structure involved in the interview questions may reappear. At this time, returning to the previous questions will often have a multiplier effect.


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Download Shon Harris CISSP 7th edition ebook

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You can find many Boot Camps online and also other study materials, but none of them are as useful as the Shon Harris CISSP 7th Edition eBooks. Here are basic details regarding the author and the benefits of using this eBook.


Shon Harris, CISSP, MCSE, was a security consultant, a former engineer in the Air Force Information Warfare Unit, an author, an instructor, and former President of Logical Security. Unfortunately, she passed away recently.


She has written two best-selling CISSP books, and have also co-authored Hacker's Challenge and Gray Hat Hacking. Shon has developed a new book series of security, which was being published by McGraw-Hill, which would be sold to corporations, colleges, universities, and professionals throughout the world. This series will be setting the new standards in security education, training, and industry practices.


She is also an active contributor for Magazine of Information Security and Windows 2000 Magazine. Shon has also taught computer and information security to a wide range of clients including RSA, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), National Security Agency (NSA), Bank of America, BMC, and more.


The Shon Harris CISSP Series would bring together all the materials, study, and tools aids you would be needed to pass the CISSP exam. Whether you are a seasoned engineer, a security professional or are looking for a career modification, this is the solution so as to bring your career to new heights!


Our objective is not just to prepare you for the CISSP Certification, but to also provide you with the practical, detailed knowledge and understanding of security topics that will be of valued use in order to you and your company. Their product focuses not only on the areas that are necessary for the CISSP examination but also on a more detailed and practical perspective that would give you competitive skills in the real world as well.


Online Training for CISSP certification

Their superior technology based course curriculum strictly adheres to all of (ISC)² & CompTIA Security+ exam objectives and is going to present to you by leading certification instructors who are engaging and concise in their delivery. You would also learn both the theory and practical aspects of the technologies as well as gain insight into the industry with their expert instruction. Each of the class session is presented in full audio/video motion, with step by step demonstrations of the testing modules so as to ensure that you have fully understood the subject matter. You can also review each subject as needed to reinforce your knowledge and access to educational mentors.


Benefits of Shon Harris Bootcamp:


Shon Harris Bootcamp for CISSP is targeted to the professionals who are having at least five full years of experience in the information security field (waivers may apply), with direct experience in two or more than two of the 8 CISSP domains. The CISSP certification is seen as a requirement for many technical, mid-management, as well as senior management positions in the cybersecurity.


No other boot camp training provider is this dedicated to your accomplishment.

1.    If you’re not completely satisfied by the end of day two, you are eligible to get a full refund.

2.    If you don't pass the exam after attending, they’ll provide you with custom tutoring with a senior information security engineer, at no additional cost.

3.    Plus, students could re-attend for free, as many times as it takes until till they have passed.

They'll mentor and coach you and we won't quit until you pass the CISSP exam!


So if you too want to gain the CISSP certification, this Boot Camp would provide you with the intense training, and then also if you want to clear the CISSP Exam, you could join the CISSPTOP Services to gain the chance of clearing this exam.

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What is CISSP training?

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The CISSP is a certification is the most sought out by IT professionals; hiring organizations often look for the candidates who have cleared the CISSP exam because the candidates with the CISSP credential who are sufficiently knowledgeable about the cyber-security to be able to pass the certification exam, and have hands-on experience and, formal, potentially CISSP training.

How to become CISSP-certified?

Becoming the CISSP-certified not just require clearing the Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification exam, but they would also require having a minimum of five years of full-time, hands-on knowledge in at least two of the eight cybersecurity knowledge domains.

The (ISC) ² advises the candidates to have a four-step pathway to certification for candidates that would be starting with ascertaining that the CISSP credential is the correct credential for them. The (ISC) ² would recommend you to have the CISSP certification for candidates who are experienced in the cyber-security practitioners, listing a number of positions for which the CISSP credential holders would be appropriate, including the chief information security officer, director of security, chief information officer, IT manager, security analyst, security systems engineer, security manager, security auditor, security consultant, security architect, and network architect.

The next step that (ISC) ² recommends the candidates would be to prepare and register for the certification exam. The preparation that could be achieved through self-study and using CISSP practice books and, online practice exams and study guides. Many candidates, who have enrolled themselves in CISSP training courses, are needed to prepare for the exam.

Requirements to gain the CISSP Credentials

To earn the CISSP credential, the candidate should clear the certification exam, as well as complete the CISSP exam agreement; they need to subscribe to the (ISC) ² code of ethics, answer the questions of background qualification and would receive an endorsement from an active (ISC) ²-certified professional.

So as to maintain the CISSP certification, the candidates would be required to earn at least 40 Continuing Professional Education or CPEs credits each year and pay an annual maintenance fee of $85 to maintain it.

CISSP Exam Overview:

The CISSP exam would be considered as six hours long and would be consisting of 250 multiple choice questions and advanced innovative questions testing the candidate's understanding and knowledge of the eight domains of the (ISC) ² Common Body of Knowledge or CBK, which would include risk and security management, security engineering, asset security, network security, communications and access and identity management, security testing and assessment, security operations, and software development security. The results are calculated on a scaled score, the candidates are needed to gain at least a score of 700 or higher out of a 1,000-point maximum so as to qualify for the credential.

Cost of the CISSP exam

As of this writing exam, it costs around $699, though exact pricing and taxes may vary based on the location of the exam. Attendance at the certification exam could be rescheduled for a fee of $50, and also there is a $100 fee if the candidates wish to cancel the exam. The CISSP credentials are valid for three years and after the candidates have successfully completed the requirements of experience. After three years, the CISSP credential holders could recertify as long as they have submitted their 40 hours of CPE credits every year and paid the annual maintenance fee.

CISSP concentrations

The Professionals who currently holds the CISSP credential can also be qualified by adding one of three CISSP concentrations i.e. architecture (CISSP-ISSAP), engineering (CISSP-ISSEP) or management (CISSP-ISSMP). In addition to this, if they have already had the CISSP certification, the candidate is required to have at least two years of work experience in one or more of the concentration's domains.

If you wish to have the CISSP certification, you would be required to go through this training. This training is provided by many institutions, one of the best providers is the CISSPTOP Services. Join it to have your dream job.

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How Do I Get My CISSP Certification?

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CISSP Certification is considered to be one of the best certifications, which is offered by ISC 2, which is one of the best non-profit organizations. In order to gain this certification, you would need to follow the following steps.


Step 1 Obtain the required Experience

In order to register for the CISSP certification exam, the candidates are needed to demonstrate that they possess a minimum of five years of professional experience in the information security field. Their work history must show that their skill set embraces at least two of the 8 domains in the (ISC) 2 CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). Though they could obtain a one-year waiver in the professional experience requirement if you fall into one of the following categories:

•    If you hold a four-year college degree

•    If you hold an advanced degree in information security from a U.S. National CAEIAE which stands for Centre of Academic Excellence in Information Security.

•    If you hold a credential from the (ISC) 2-approved list; this list would be including the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer or MCSE the CompTIA Security+, and the Certified Information Systems Auditor or CISA titles.

Note that the candidates cannot combine two of these approaches; thus, if you have grabbed a bachelor’s degree as well as the CompTIA Security+ certification, you are allowed only one year off the five-year experience of professional requirement.


Step 2 Clearing the Exam

In order to meet this requirement, you are required to clear the CISSP certification exam with a score of 700/1000 or greater. You need to register to take the CISSP directly with the (ISC) 2; note that you would have to travel to reach your closest authorized testing location. Exam pricing for U.S. candidates would be either $549 or $599 depending upon whether you choose to go for early registration or if you are having a standard registration. The exam itself is a test of the endurance; the pencil-and-paper exam consists of about 250 multiple-choice questions in which they have given 6 hours to answer as many of them as they can correctly.


Step 3 Obtaining an Endorsement

Once you have cleared the CISSP exam, your work still is not finished. You would have to ask an active (ISC) 2 credential holder who would be able to attest to your industry experience so as to complete an endorsement form for you. Once the (ISC) 2 has received and approved the endorsement, you could finally heave a sigh of satisfaction: You would now become a real-live CISSP!


Step 5 Preparing for an Audit

It would be crucial that you do not fudge or cut any corners in your CISSP application process, not the least reason for being that the (ISC) 2 randomly selects (ISC) 2-certified individuals for auditing. If you are found that you have falsified any of your application data, consider it as the revocation of your CISSP title a foregone conclusion. Consider it as advice “honesty is the best policy” and it is also a core principle of the (ISC) 2 Code of Ethics, which you could also affirm during your application process.


Step 6 Certification Expiries or Renewal Information

The CISSP certification has validation of a three-year lifespan. Consequently, it is considered to be an imperative that you make time for at least 120 continuing professional education or CPE credits within each interval of three-year. Of these 120 credits, at least 80 should be of Type A, or directly relating to the information security profession. The remaining 40 credits could be either Type A or Type B; Type B credits would constitute other forms of professional skills development. The (ISC) 2 is going to provide you with full information on CPEs once you are certified.


If you need any help in clearing the CISSP Certification, you could do it easily by joining the CISSPTOP Services, they are considered to be the best training provider of CISSP Certification.


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Pass my CISSP exam with CISSPTOP's CISSP Online Training Course

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Earning the journey to earn CISSP designation is was quite difficult. Firstly, you must have a minimum of five years of paid professional work experience in at least two of the eight CISSP Common Body of Knowledge or CBK domains; pass the rigorous and gruesome, six-hour, 250-question certification exam along with the exam fee of $699; and lastly submit the required endorsements. The CISSP is going to be valid for three years. Also, to recertify, you must either take the entire exam again or earn 120 continuing professional education CPE credits.


Though many would say that the training is not required but trust me, it is highly recommended for CISSP exam preparation. But which one to select for better results. A simple Google search for “CISSP training” has resulted in more than nine million hits! With so many choices available, finding the best training course might seem daunting.


CISSP Boot Camps

While there are numerous books, communities and other self-study resources that are available to prepare for the CISSP exam, boot camps are considered to be an ideal choice for candidates who are seeking to increase their momentum to passing the exam. Designed with accelerated learning in mind, boot camps provide candidates with a concentrated, deep dive into the key skills and concepts that are required to master the CBK domains and apply the CISSP skills to real-world scenarios.


I have found many boot camps that would be costing thousands of dollars, but these long-term investments would reward you with a successful obtaining of CISSP Title and thus it is considered to be worthy enough to spend money. Moreover, many boot camps providers like the CISSPTOP Training Course (which I have opted for), are offering a passing guarantee.


Why choose CISSPTOP Services?


•    About CISSP Dumps

CISSPTOP Services provides the latest exam dump whose coverage is about 80%-90%. You are anticipated to have an in-depth understanding of the topics in the exam blueprints. Every question provided in the CISSP mock exam is considered to be in line with the correlated topic. It is capable to pass the CISSP exam as long as you have digested all topics even under the situation exam updating.


•    About Practice Environment

CISSPTOP Service also offers CISSP mock exam, with the analysis and scoring mechanism in order to strengthen your memory and understanding of exam topics.


•    Tutor Assistance

If you want to accelerate the preparation, you don’t have to remember dump, the tutor will assist you and when you encounter difficulties or confusion about the dump, you are assisted to make full preparation, so that you would have a further understanding of every topic on the dump.


Features of CISSPTOP:


•    Valid Dump

Based on the latest CISSP expertise and exam feedbacks in researching every topic of CISSP exam and cutting-edge technologies, CISSPTOP keeps updating the dumps quickly and accurately.


•    Free Update

In case you failed at your first attempt within service time, they will provide one month for free after they have confirmed.


•    Professional Team

CISSPTOP professional team consists of experts who have numerous large-scale cyber-security programs and long years research on CISSP exam as well as relevant cutting-edge technologies.


•    Latest Exam Feedbacks

Candidates around the world would be sharing their exam feedbacks to us which is conducive to know the exam status, undoubtedly, they would be double checking the efficiency of every feedback and then share to their members


•    Confidential and Secure

They protect each and every customer’s privacy; and never leaks any information pertaining to their personal information.


Thus, I have would recommend you join the CISSPTOP Services and gain their best online training, so you could also achieve your dream of gaining the CISSP certification like me.

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TOP 6 BGP Neighbor States

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The neighbor state machine can be used to describe the establishment and maintenance of the BGP connection. It will have the following 6 states:

1, ldle (idle) state

BGP always starts with the ldle state, which rejects all inbound connections. Only after BGP is started, the BGP process will initialize all BGP resources, initialize the TCP connection to the neighbor, listen to the TCP initialization message from the neighbor, and change to the connection state. The startup event is generally configured with a BGP process.

2, Connect status

After entering the Connect state, the BGP process will wait for the completion of the TCP connection (three-way handshake). When the TCP connection is established successfully, BGP will send an Open message to the neighbor and enter the OpenSent state. If the TCP session is not established, BGP will continue to listen for the connection initiated by the neighbor, open the connection retry timer, and migrate to the Active state. Connect→→OpenSent (TCP connection establishment); Connect→→Active (TCP connection is not established yet).

3.Active state

In this state, the BGP process continues to try to establish a TCP connection with the neighbor. If the TCP connection is established successfully, the BGP process clears the connection retry timer, completes the initialization process, and sends an Open packet to the neighbor and migrates to the OpenSent state.

If the BGP process is still active after the connection retry timer expires, the process will return to the connection state and listen for the TCP session initiated by the neighbor. This process will loop repeatedly until it hears the TCP session initiated by the neighbor.

4.OpenSent (open send) status

After entering this state, an Open message has been sent, and BGP will always wait for Open messages from neighbors. Once the Open message is received, each field of the message will be checked. If there is an error, the Notification message will be sent to the Idle state.

If the received Open message is correct, it will send a Keepalive message and discuss the time of the Keepalive timer and Keepalive. And migrate to the OpenConfirm state.

5.OpenConfirm status

After entering this state, the BGP process will wait for the Keepalive or Notification message confirmed by the neighbor. If the Keepalive message is received, it will be migrated to the Established state. If it is a Notification message, it will be migrated to the Idle state.

6.Established state

Entering this state indicates that the BGP peering connection is formally established. The peers exchange Update, Keepalive, and Notification messages. If an Update or Keepalive message is received, the hold timer is restarted. If a Notification is received. The message will be migrated to the Idle state.


1Q: Staying in Active or ldle for a long time, what is the possible reason?

A: a) The router does not have a route to the source IP address in the BGP Open packet (debug ip bgp output: no route)

b) The wrong IP address is configured in the neighbor command (debug ip bgp output: no route)

c) The update source address is not configured in the neighbor command (debug ip bgp output: Connection refused by remote host)

d) The TTL value problem is not considered in the neighbor command to establish an eBGP neighbor.

e) no neighbor command configured

f) AS number configuration error (debug ip bgp output: Connection refused by remote host)

2 When we operate BGP on the actual network, in order to avoid route turbulence, you can use the router(config-router)# neighbor A.B.C.D shutdown command to temporarily disable the BGP neighbor. The neighbor configuration is not deleted but the route is lost.

3 View the command show ip bgp summary # Observe that the last column is displayed as blank or numeric, indicating that the neighbor is established normally.

Run the show ip bgp neighbors command. # BGP State is displayed as Established to indicate that the neighbor is established normally.

SPOTO focus on IT certification training for 16 years. You can go SPOTO to get more details and latest news of CCIE certification.

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How to prepare for CCIE security in networks

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Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Security or CCIE Security program would be advantageously recognizing the experts having sound knowledge and skills in IT, so as to Architect, Implement, Engineer, Troubleshoot, Support and Contribute their best towards Cisco Security Technologies and Solutions with the usage by using the sophisticated technology and thereby applying their skills towards reducing the modern security risks, threats, requirements and vulnerability.

What should you learn?

Security has always been a concern of all the organizations that are involved in the business. As organizations are expanding their networks and interconnect, the importance of network security has been escalated to the forefront. The markets for skilled network security professionals have never been better as it is now. Remembering that network security is simply security applied to the network, it would be only making sense if you hone your skills on products that are the being mostly recognized in the industry when you are working toward a network security certification.

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert or the CCIE certifications requires passing the following exams:

1.    400-251 Written Exam 

2.    Lab Exam v5.0

Any examination that would entail proper strategies and planning so as to attempt and clear the forthcoming, examination with utmost determination and diligence. Thus, CCIE is never to be considered as an exception, all you need to have is sound skills, clear concepts and an edge for reasoning and logical questions. When you are left with just 60 days in your hand, the following tips would help you out in gaining this certification:

1.    CCIE Training:

•    Try to get trained from the best CCIE experts; my recommendation would be to join the SPOTO CCIE Club.

•    Learn from their experience, and it might help you to clear your exam in very first attempt.

2.    Maximum Lab Training:

•    It is advised to have at least 5 to 6 hours of training, which is highly recommended.

•    It is again advisable to cover at least 500 hours of regular lab training.

•    Keep Practicing with their practice experiments as much as you could do and try to get it done in the as minimum time as possible.

3.    Remain Updated:

•    CCIE exams curriculums and concepts are a slightly changed day by day with respect to change in the trend and the dynamics of competition, which is prone to subtle changes. Thus, it is advisable to keep yourself updated about the same by following various networking blogs of Cisco.

4.    Clear Your Concepts:

•    Cramming or rot learning won’t be fetching any good in the examination. You need to Understand, Reallocate, Frame and Crack the situations asked are the areas which you are to be judged upon.

5.    Knowing current topologies:

•    There are numerous topologies that could be asked in the CCIE Security examination.

•    It’s thus advisable to have proper knowledge of topologies so as to have a greater edge in the CCIE examinations.

6.    Sound Knowledge with Troubleshooting Skills:

•    We all know that the CCIE examinations are divided into two modules that are written and lab oriented.

•    The Candidates are also required to have strong troubleshooting skills.

•    R&S, security, collaboration or wireless in each and every examination a network would be given, and one has to do the troubleshooting.

•    So, it is preferred to be well prepared for the same in order to solve them instantly.

Hence, CCIE certified individual can diversify oneself in the corridors of international markets. Intense studies and rigorous efforts are the keys to success but, once you have a weighed in, clear it with dedication and determination; you could live a healthy and stress-free future.

If you want to gain this certification, my recommendation would be to join the SPOTO CCIE Club, so that they could help you out in gaining your certification in one go.

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Joining SPOTO CLUB, I became a CCIE!

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When I was packing things, a "CCNA Study Guide" suddenly caught my eye and pulled my memory back. I took it to the ignorant lush years.

That was the day after the first year of the freshman year when the various departments of the school began to contribute to the newcomers. I walked on the avenue leading to the canteen with my small bag, thinking that someone would snatch my chicken legs. At that time being, a girl gave me a leaflet saying "Cisco Networking Technology Academy is starting to enroll now, do you want to get technology? Do you want to be an IT talent? Join us." There is no concern because several terms appearing inside have touched my knowledge blind zone, so this thing has been taken over. One night after a few days, an IT madman in the dormitory asked me to know about the Cisco Networking Academy. He also said that he had joined and wanted to pull me into the pit. After listening to his words and the previous flyer, I became curious about this mysterious place and joined the Cisco Network Academy halfway. Since then, I have started a weekly network technical training. The most impressive thing is that the first class teacher gave a presentation about what Cisco is doing and the various levels and difficulty of Cisco CCIE Certification and what needs to be learned. When I heard the word CCIE, I couldn't help but erect my ears. At that time, I thought about it if I could test the CCIE certificate one day. Finally, it became a dream for me.

At that time, the pressure on the coursework was not very heavy. Every week, I took a lot of time to stay in the computer room and beat and play to see the four thick books recommended by the official. After insisting on a few months, I feel that there is no motivation. The four books are like me in front of four big mountains, and this is only the NA stage. At that moment, my heart is ashamed, as if I am coming from my dream. The farther it is. At this critical moment, my roommates came out again, and I said that SPOTO is engaged in activities today, do you want to participate? SPOTO? What is that? After some inquiries, I learned the magical place of the training class. I was also moved by the sweet words of representative of SPOTO. I signed up for the train on the same day. Since then, I have been deeper and deeper in the pit of the network.

The feeling of studying with the teacher in SPOTO is completely different from reading a book. Reading a book is like riding a bicycle. Learning from the class is like flying a rocket and flying straight into the sky. Time flies and a year has passed in the blink of an eye. I also seem to understand NA and NP, and I am ready to march into IE. At this time, I was not interested in the professional courses I had studied. Every time I was in class, I made a bold decision: Give up my profession and march in the direction of the network.

Any decision is a price, and this time is no exception. Studying and preparing for IE for half a year is just the most arduous time of my class. Various professional courses come one after another, and I can’t breathe. I can only have a little free time to practice at night or on weekends for configuration. Early morning is the best time period of memory in the day. I am mixed among the students in the postgraduate examination. When others recite political issues, I recite CFG. After turning off the lights at night, I put on earplugs and continue to recall the operation and topology of CFG in my mind. Perhaps it is a clean stream on campus.

Since my foundation is not very good, I often need to go back and look at the previous theoretical video, try my best to understand the intent of each step in the version, and often miss the dinner because of the fascination of learning. I still clearly remember to carry my little bag on every cold night and leave the warm and tempting dormitory. I walked alone in the cold wind of the winter night, watching a pair of laughing and roaring couples walking by my heart, inside. Not the slightest wave, but the pace is more firmly toward the dream. Just a moment in my mind will recall the first love of the young, the girl in the picture once said to accompany me to the examination room...

Looking back now, I really admire myself at that time. Although I am very tired and tired, I gave up a lot and got a stomach problem. The whole person lost weight, but I never thought about retreating and giving up. I didn’t put down my studies to rest for a few days and even practice on the configuration of addiction. If I don’t practice one day, there is a sense of guilt that I can’t tell. What strength is it that I have been moving forward, probably a dream? Or that’s probably from the heart of a stubborn and persistent? I think both of them have it.

Later, I went to the sprint and the exam stage. I went home and started the crazy configuration of the exercise. Everyone in the New Year’s Eve and the first day spent the mock exam. The eve of the exam was still very stressful. All the situations that may be encountered during the non-stop drill, from fail to pass from configuration 3 to configuration 1 from the eagerness of friends and relatives to the sneer of the good guys, it is impossible to fall in sleep, basically wake up every hour once, I also had a nightmare, dreaming that the intestines in the stomach had established a BGP neighbor relationship and had been rolling. Then I woke up and found that it was a stomachache that made me laugh and cry. When I really got out of the examination venue, my heart was full of mischief and you could only able to understand it if you experienced it. 

I want to say that learning CCIE is like a hard practice. It may take a lot of hard work and fail to achieve the expected results. You may miss beautiful sceneries in your life journey, and you may not get the understanding of family and friends, but since if you make up your mind, you must work hard to go on. If you try your best, you will have no regrets even if you fail, and you will be closer to success than standing in the same place. CCIE not only examines the technology but also examines the mentality of the candidates. There is even a certain amount of luck in it. The mentality is the most important. I remember that there were several places in the exam that I didn’t solve. I once wanted to leave the paper. At a critical juncture, I suddenly remembered that “the winners never give up, the abandoners never succeed”, and then they calm down and seriously think about it.

Efforts should be as early as possible. The younger friends like me should be the prime time for preparing for IE. There is no burden of raising a family. There is no worry about the promotion of the workplace. There is a lot of time studying, as long as it is not ruined. Persevere in learning schedules and you will definitely get the results you want. Now when I talk about IE, I will think of SPOTO. It is the classmates and teachers of SPOTO who gave me great motivation and confidence. I know that it is easier for a group of people to insist on sticking to one person. Next, I will start to review the postgraduate exam, hoping to make greater progress under the cover of IE Aura.

Finally, share a piece of your favorite words and share with you:

When you are lonely, there will be no one to accompany you;

When the saddest, no one will care for you;

Only yourself, experiencing some necessary experiences;

You can answer some of the problems in your life but only by yourself

Believe in yourself, never give up!

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CCIE Security or CCIE Routing and Switching certification

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Here are some of the few valuable tips which might be helpful for any individual to choose the right CCIE certification. CCIE has seven tracks and all of these are associated with the same importance i.e., they all certify that the individual possesses expert-level in-depth knowledge in each relevant track. The candidates have to pass both each written and lab exam in order to qualify for every CCIE track. These seven tracks are mainly;

·         CCIE Routing and Switching

·         CCIE Security

·         CCIE Collaboration

·         CCIE Service Provider

·         CCIE Wireless

·         CCIE Design

·         CCIE Data Centre

 Those who have successfully carried out their CCNP always find themselves confused choosing CCIE R&S and CCIE Security. Although they have three years of their CCNP exam validity most of them start looking for options for CCIE exam right after clearing their CCNP. Starting earlier provides ample time to learn and revise for the CCIE written and lab exam.

The "CCIE Routing and Switching" and "CCIE Security" are easiest certifications among the CCIE other tracks because they come up with no formal prerequisites since the other tracks require four to five years of industry experience too. These two are actually the foundation courses for all the other tracks. The CCIE Routing and Switching course are also known as the Cisco's evergreen CCIE track.

However, both of these courses have their own significance that we would read further and differentiate which course/track suits the best to our personality/needs.

CCIE Routing and Switching:

This CCIE Routing and Switching course is an expert level certification which validates the individual's capacity for in-depth knowledge in designing, implementing and troubleshooting any computer network. This is the basic CCIE track, but it is a foundation track for rest of the CCIE tracks. It is also known as the evergreen track because of its demand. The CCIE Routing and Switching certified professional are usually offered jobs like Network Engineer, Network Architect or Network Administrator.

CCIE Security:

This CCIE Security certification validates that the individual has an in-depth knowledge of designing, implementing and troubleshoot any given network. Besides this, this also ensures that the individual also knows how to secure the entire network using the Cisco devices. The job titles of the CCIE security professionals are Network Security Engineer, Network Security Consultant, Network Administrator etc. 

According to known sources, the average salary of a Network Engineer starts 50-60 thousand USD per annum depending on their experience level however, a salary that a network security engineer is able to withdraw is 100 - 125 thousand USD per annum.

Initially, both of these tracks were looking similar. However, after comparing them one by one, it seems that CCIE Security professional is also able to secure the network besides their design and implementation skills. We can also easily ascertain that the CCIE Security professional who is a network security engineer is able to get more salary than his CCIE routing and switching colleague working as a network engineer. 

Cisco has a rule that every candidate has to recertify their current positions by appearing in next level examination and passing it before the previous position expires in order to remain a Cisco certified professional. So, it would be a good decision to take CCIE R&S or CCIE Security as early as possible right after passing the CCNP. It will open new opportunities and it will also enable the candidate with a new vision to plan for their next upcoming CCIE track preparation.

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How to pass the CCIE Security lab

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Following are some tips to pass the CCIE Security Lab in the first attempt:

1. Gain Knowledge from the experienced Trainer or Teachers

It is crucial that you should be trained by the people who have already done CCIE. They would have the proper knowledge and experience that a CCIE would have as they have given it to themselves; they have the knowledge the environment and they know that what they are supposed to do and what not to do. They would share their experience and all the tricks and tips that would be needed to clear the examination in the first attempt. They would let you know what is important and what is not; so that you could know that on which topics you need to spend most of the time on

2. Meticulous Lab Training

You must do meticulous lab training before attempting for CCIE Security exam. The lab practice is what would make you learn the concepts and understand them. You are going to have at least 5 to 6 hours of lab practice every day along with proper training is essential so as to clear this examination. You are required to perform the least of 500 to 600 hours of regular lab training in order to clear the CCIE Lab Examination.

3. Keep Yourself Updated with Recent Information

It is considered to be an important aspect to keep yourself updated when you are preparing for CCIE Certifications. CCIE exam version changes from time to time with all its topics and concepts. So, you must have the knowledge of which exam you are preparing yourself for.

4. Clear Concepts

Networking is one such field where you cannot possibly force things up and appear for the examination. This is because the entire networking written examination is being conceptualized. The answer that you have forced up in your brain will be incorrect even if there is a slight change in the question

5. Understanding present Topologies 

There are so many topologies in the field of networking that which can come in the examination is still a mystery. Yes, thus it is needed for you to know it all. But you should also be aware of knowing the current topology in relevant as well. Sometimes, the same topology could be repeated for a few months or years in the examination. So, it is considered to be critical for you to learn each and everything, especially about that one. This will help you in clearing the examination a little easier.

6. Strong Troubleshooting Skills

In each and every track of CCIE Certification, you are going to need to clear both the exams, i.e. CCIE Written and Lab examination slow as an order to earn the certification. So, to clear this examination you must have strong troubleshooting skills. You should have knowledge about which source the packet started and where it will move to, you would also need to know about how to debug the entire transmission. So, prepare yourself for it.

8. Follow CCIE Blogs

You should also follow all the CCIE Blogs available on the web. They would help you out in keeping yourself updated with the latest news of Networking like which course has been upgraded, which would be having the topics that have been removed or where can you find another book in order to learn CCIE.

So, these are some tips that if you follow will somehow lead to having a successful career in the field of Security. If you want to ensure your success, even more, you can do it by joining a good training center, which according to me would the SPOTO CCIE Club, would be the best one for you to prepare.

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Finally, I Got CCIE Number

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The first time I met with SPOTO was two years ago, I was lost the direction to find a new job at that time. When I browsed the recruiting website, I saw BOOTCAMP course by chance and found out that I could join in the real project in this course. I wanted to have a try, then I went to SPOTO to ask for more details at that weekend. The course consultant told me I have to complete learning on CCNA and CCNP before applying for actual practice course, and CCNA course can audition first. So I have tried the CCNA course, which was taught by Dennis and he explained each part in detail. After the audition, I applied for the BOOTCAMP course. It took me much time and efforts to complete the CCNA and CCNP courses.

One and a half years later, I got touch with SPOTO again and told the teacher I wanted to continue learning. After talking with the teacher, he sends me the registration link. Again I started to learn from the CCNA (I almost forgot what I have learned before). I was following the online course and watching the record of video at the same time until completed CCNP. I’ve attended several sharing sessions during this period, then I got the idea of testing CCIE. After attending a mobilization meeting held by Mr. Hu, I decided to become a CCIE (now that did, why not do the best?)

Therefore, I started to learn CCIE. After resignation, I had much more time to learn (must be more than 10 hours a day). I requested to learn theory course and LAB course at the same time, according to the plan of the teacher, I completed theory class, reviewing and doing experiment step by step. It’s time to complete version after the completion of course content. I still remember it took me seven or more hours to practice version at the first time, almost cannot take care of myself. I typed the version once a day (sometimes twice), and I gradually got familiar with the version. I reported to the teacher about my version situation, then he told me I can register for the LAB test. After checking the seat, I found it’s available on July 23 and in early August. But the teacher advised July will be better in case of version change, which made me nervous. It’s less than one month to prepare for the exam. After a short thinking, I asked the teaching assistant, Mr. Chen, to book the seat after a short thinking. I was really motivated after the seat is booked, after all, I didn’t want to waste register fee (more than 10000). In the following days, I was tapping version and TS. What the most important for TS is to form your own way of debugging, so whatever the changes of examination questions, you won’t be nervous and just follow your ways. Finally, the progress for each part is OK, I was preparing for the exam in HK,

LAB exam, Bruce was the examiner. TS and the diagnosis were going smoothly, however, the computer broke down twice when typed the version. After the version test and checking three times, I was sure it was not TR and handed in the paper, say goodbye to Bruce.

I reported my status to the teacher when I was out of the examination room, recorded the experiences and feelings. The next day, Teacher told me to I have passed the exam. Wow, my time and effort deserve.

I always believe that the persistence of a group is easier than the single person, following with a group with strong persistence to learn, discuss and grow together, it’s sooner or later to take the number. Here I want to say thank you to the teacher and each guy in SPOTO, thanks for the company along the way.

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What is the future of CCIE R&S/security

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The CCIE is considered to be the most advanced and reputed certification in the field of Networking Industry. There are six tracks at present; they are Routing and Switching, Security, Data Center, Wireless, Collaboration, and Service Provider. Each of these tracks has its own importance in Networking Industry, but the CCIE Routing and Switching and CCIE Security have a special place in the market.


CCIE Routing and Switching:

Routing & Switching track has been the base of networking domain for a long time. A CCIE success would help the candidates in increasing their expertise of a candidate invalidation, configuring and troubleshooting along with overall networking fundamentals and hands-on. A two-hour written exam which is going to follow an 8-hour performance which would be based on lab is undertaken. A CCIE in R & S may opt for System Integrator, Network Engineer, Network Consultants, System Engineer and much more.

CCIE Security:

Also, the CCIE Security track has quite a lot of scope and it been very much required and as it carries a wide variety of scope. A CCIE helps in recognizing the security experts who are possessing skills to troubleshoot and support using the latest industry best practices against modern security risks, threats, breaches, vulnerabilities, and requirements. A CCIE in Security may opt for System Security Integrator, Network Security Engineers, Network Security Consultants, System Security Engineer and much more.

Whether you select the CCIE R&S or CCIE Security, both of them has quite bright future of these tracks is very bright and with advancement in tech the roles and responsibilities that have been ever increasing. Both CCIE R&S and CCIE Security are considered to be the best option to have a bright future. Also, both of these courses are in great demand in the IT Sector.

Job Profiles and Exam Format:


CCIE R&S certification is viewed to be an expert level CISCO certification in Routing and Switching technologies. This certification is designed for engineering professionals and who are ready to deal with solving the networks by Cisco system in aiding the networking industry. CCIE Networking concepts are covered for about two hours written exam, after which the candidates would have to pass an eight-hour lab exam. The expert level certified network engineers are required to have the skills and knowledge so that they can plan, implement, verify and operate network infrastructure.

After completion of this course, you can start your career in networking with jobs like:

1.    IT Manager

2.    Network Administrator

3.    Network Engineer

4.    Network Specialist

5.    Sr. Network Engineer

CCIE Security certification is considered to be the highest-level certification in the network security by CISCO system. The CCIE Security certification is going to prepare the engineers in order to architect, engineer and troubleshoots Cisco security technologies and be able to handle the Cisco IPS, Iron Port, and Cisco Routing and Switches etc. CCIE candidate is needed to pass the lab exam and secure network in a time span of eight hours.

After completion of this course, you can start your career in networking with jobs like:

1.    Network Engineer

2.    Network Security Administrator

3.    Network Security Engineer

4.    Network Security Specialist

5.    Sr. Network Engineer

If you are planning about taking any of this certification, I would like to recommend you the training sessions that are being provided by the SPOTO CCIE Club. They have excellent results in any CCIE certification; I think you should have a better look at their website for more information. Whether you opt for the CCIE Routing and Switching or the CCIE Security, SPOTO will provide you with the best training, with the passing guarantee.

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How many questions are on the CCIE written exam

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Passing the CCIE written exam is the first step in becoming a CCIE professional. A CCIE professional is entitled to a lot of privileges including high perks and salary, job promotions, 100% job placement guarantee etc. Among the seven tracks of the CCIE certification, every track comes up with written and lab exam. The written exam duration is approximately two hours and there are around 90 - 110 questions for the individuals appearing in the CCIE written exam.

After passing the CCIE written exam, the individual is about half good in practical knowledge of networking specialization. The other half is testing through the eight hours of lab exam with three modules in it. So far the content in the written and lab exam is subject to confidentiality by the Cisco itself. However, the candidates can get the guidelines by going through the Cisco exam information web page. They have provided a clear description of the learning stuff which every prospective candidate has to go through in order to pass this two hours written exam.

Since there are seven tracks in the CCIE certification, however, the initial two tracks require no formal prerequisites, so even a fresher can also take part in these tracks namely "CCIE Routing and Switching" and "CCIE Security".  These are the two evergreen courses offered by Cisco. The CCIE Routing and switching are, in fact, the foundation for every CCIE track.

There are several rumors that CCIE written exam has spelling/grammar issues but honestly, when you appear in the exam yourself, you will find out that there is nothing like that. In fact, some of the questions asked in the exam are a little bit tricky focusing on evaluating the candidate's mental ability to go through the question and solve it accordingly. So whoever is going to attempt the written exam, staying calm and reading the questions carefully will allow the candidate to give a to-the-point answer.

The candidate appearing in the CCIE written exam will fairly evaluate that all the questions asked in the exam are fairly worded with no grammatical mistakes at all. This written exam only requires the proper concentration of the individual. This means that the individuals should only take the written exam when they are hundred percent prepared for this CCIE written exam. Preparation is easy, the individuals are provided with the learning materials when they opt for this CCIE certification.

They can also easily access the learning topic of their desired CCIE track by scrolling down the Cisco official site. Moreover, they can join any boot camp or any recognized training institute which also helps the candidates to achieve their targets by supplementing them with good learning material and trained staff. In addition to this, these institutes also offer job placement guarantees too. The candidate can also choose to buy practice exams from different reputed vendors to evaluate their progress. 

So once you have enrolled in CCIE and planning to take your written exam; make sure of writing notes as they will serve as the basic flashcards in your mind. Many CCIE professionals revealed that it took them more than a year of practice and writing a hundred times to reach their success in CCIE written exam.

Some professionals also recommend taking the CCIE written exam as early as possible so the rest of the time can be utilized for lab exam preparation. But the honest review to take proper time in preparing each segment, do not hassle and appear in the exam only when you are fully confident of passing it. Till that time, keep on preparing as once you pass this written exam this will be a very big step for you in your career move. Passing CCIE written exam means that you have won something special which you are now eligible to write down on your resume too.

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Cisco CCIE R&S Book Reading List

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CCIE Routing and Switching are considered to be the most demanded certification over the globe. Below mentioned are some books which you could own and some from the CCIE Routing and Switching Book. Most of the books are vendor independent and which goes into explaining the technology itself rather than Cisco’s implementation of it. 

If you understand the technology and what it would be trying to do, any vendor implementation is just commands which could easily be learned. Let me confirm this one thing previously, you are going to need lots more than just a book to gain this certification. You should check out the course offered by the SPOTO along with these books.

Below mentioned are some books that you could refer to for studying for the CCIE Routing and Switching Exam:

1. CCIE Routing and Switching Certification guide

This book is one of the Cisco press books which you would like to read, it contains most of the things that you would need to know for clearing the written exam. It would be covering all the topics on the blueprint so that you know what you are up against. The topics are also mapped so well to the lab exam. But again, you should not think that this book is all that you are going to need to clear the written but most of the information is there.

2. Internetworking with TCP/IP: v. 1: 

This is considered as the best-selling, conceptual introduction to TCP/IP internetworking protocols interlaces a clear discussion of fundamentals along with the latest technologies. Leading author Doug Comer has covered all the layering and shows how all the protocols in the TCP/IP would be suited to fit into the five-layer model. With a new focus on CIDR addressing, this revision is going to address the MPLS and IP switching technology, VOIP and traffic scheduling

3. IPv6: Theory, Practice, and Protocol 2nd Edition

The second edition of IPv6: Theory, Practice, and Protocol, provides a guide the readers through deployment and implementation of IPv6. The Theory section is going to takes a close, unbiased look at why so much effort and time has been expended on the revision of IPv4. The Practice section is going to provide, you the hands-on explanations of how to roll out IPv6 services and support. Finally, In the Protocol section, you would have a comprehensive review of the specifics of IPv6 and all the related protocols. 

This completely rewritten edition is going to offer the updated as well as comprehensive coverage of all the important topics that would include router and server configuration, the impact of IPv6 on mobile networks, security, and evaluating the impact of IPv6-enabled networks across the globe. Pete Loshin’s famously lucid explanations have benefited the readers at every turn, making Ipv6: Theory, Practice, and Protocol the best way for a large diverse audience to get up to pace on this groundbreaking technology.

4. Developing IP Multicast IP Networks

This is another Cisco press books that are considered to be quite good actually.

•    It clears the explanations of the concepts and underlying mechanisms of IP multicasting, from the fundamentals in order to design advanced techniques.

•    Techniques and concepts that are to be reinforced through real-world network examples, each evidently illustrated in a step-by-step manner with comprehensive drawings.

•    Detailed coverage of PIM State Rules which would be governing the Cisco router behavior is also mentioned.

•    It also includes in-depth information about IP multicast addressing, multicast routing protocols and distribution trees. 

•    Also, the Discussions of the common multimedia applications and how to deploy them are discussed in it.

So, basically you should gain all of these books or some of it, but you are also going to need a good training platform, which you could gain if you join the SPOTO. They are one of the best training providers for all the Cisco related Certifications.

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